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3 most common complaints against web site host

There has been a rapidly rising demand for web hosting services and many of the part-time basis-basement operations have found it virtually impossible to meet the new quality and service demands of web sites.

Here are the 3 most common complaints against hosts:-

1) Poor Technical Support
This complaint is by far the one that is mostly heard. Many hosting companies outsource their technical support and the result is often total chaos. Clients get answering machines or voice mail systems when they call. Sometimes you can even get non-English speaking technicians.
Other times trouble tickets go unanswered for days without resolution.

2) Reliability
Reliability is another major complaint with sites being down to many times or being too slow at certain times. All this impacts negatively on the performance and revenue potential of the site.

3) Delays after signing up
When people sign up for web sites, they are often anxious to go ahead as quickly as possible. Nobody wants delays. But with many web hosts, after signing up it takes days for the account to be ready.

Slow access to your site is killing your business

People on the net are usually in a terribly big hurry. There are usually a lot of things to see and virtually no time to check it out. So how much time will the typical web browser give to a site that’s taking a little too long to open and slow access to your site is killing your business. whats your opinion?

Slow access of site killing the business. Matters become even more critical when somebody is using a search engine, like the majority of visitors to your web site will be doing. Somebody has just typed in a few key words into a search engine. The long list of headlines and web sites that are generated mean nothing to them. All they want is relevant information as quickly as possible.

Spent on search engine submission and all the other marketing stuff people do so as to get a good search engine listing is a total waste of money if the site can’t load quickly enough.

The speed at which your site will load is totally dependant on company hosting your site.The quality of your host’s Network, hardware and their operating system will have a direct impact on speeds at your site. It will help a great deal if your host is a professional operation that regularly monitors shared server CPU loads, memory utilization, network throughput and response times to ensure that every web site hosted receives the highest level of service available.

Unfortunately not many hosting services do this. provides quality and reliable web hosting services.They monitor their servers regularly and give best services to customer.

Deadly traffic killers courtesy of web hosting services

Web hosts, who are supposed to be your close business partners, and whom you expect to be prepared to do virtually anything to help lift your business to success, can also be the biggest stumbling block and the worst enemy in your search for high traffic and web site success. Here’s how.

1)The old game of now your site is available and now it is not, greatly affects traffic to your web site. This unreliability can be caused by many factors. It can be the web host using sub standard low quality servers. It could even be the web host overselling their services and signing up many more accounts than their available resources can support.

2)Some sites are pretty basic and should load quickly and yet they still take ages. Most browsers (and your potential clients) will not wait but will close the slow window and move on somewhere else. These slow speeds may in some cases be caused by the same reasons as I’ve listed in ‘b’ above.

3)Lack of proper support services means that web sites can often go through long downtime periods where a lot of traffic can be lost, literally forever. Some web hosts are nothing more than a part-time basement setup with no proper customer service arrangements. It is not uncommon to call your web host and get an answering machine. Some web hosting services have even outsourced the technical and customer service functions. One entrepreneur even complained recently that when they called the technical support department of a certain host company, the phone was answered alright – but by a non-English speaking technician.

Business Web Hosting

Some factors will be consider:-

Reliable web hosting

Business web hosting must be reliable. The last thing you need to worry about is that the provider's service becomes unavailable for long stretches of time. What kind of uptime guarantee do they provide you with? How long have they been in business?

Hosting support when you need it

What level of support does the company offer you? You may not need 24x7 service but is their support desk open reasonable hours? Beware of companies that only offer email web hosting support. Some of these companies will tell you that they only offer email hosting support in order to keep costs down. What they often don't say is that they are doing the business part time and can't possibly be available to answer the phone. When you need help, you may have to wait days to get service.

These are important-

Ecommerce web hosting

Do you plan to sell online? If so, does the web host have shopping carts available? Are they included for free or are they extra? Get the names of the ecommerce shopping carts they provide, and research their capabilities to be able to determine which one is best for you.

Website response times

Be sure to ask the hosting provider for a list of websites that are hosted on their servers. Enter a few of them into your browser and pay attention to how fast they come up. If all of them take a long time to load, this may indicate that the hosting provider's servers are overloaded. Doing a ping on the website addresses is another way to measure the time it takes for the server to respond. Keep in mind though, that a ping test will be more of a measure of a bandwidth bottleneck than a server problem.

Personal website hosting

After you have spent some time and creativity on designing your personal web site now it’s time to publish it on the World Wide Web for all to see it.U can choose either Free or cheap web host.

An easy and money free solution might seem to be registering it with a free web-hosting provider. They come in large numbers today and the 10-20 Megs of free personal space they usually offer sounds tempting. Not to mention that some of them even offer POP3 for your e-mail address on their web site or FTP access to your files on the web site.

So it looks like all this is building up to become quite an alternative to spending dear money for almost the same thing.

  • Free web hosting is good for personal website.
  • Free web hosting has limitation so always choose a paid web host.
 Sure paid web hosting gives some more space, quite a few more features and all that u need. You probably just need a web server that can feed .HTML and maybe some simple java scripts to your visitor. It’s not like you are ever going to need an SQL database, support for .ASP or .PHP. You just want your own web site, not an e-commerce solution or you are ever going to need more than one e-mail address for your own use.

A more careful look at the matter is likely to make the right decision easier to take. As a matter of fact, depending on the objectives trusted to your personal web site, the decision between free or cheap almost dictates itself. You should also keep in mind that you actually trusting your virtual image to the web host.

A personal web site could be very useful asset in promoting your professional image to potential or actual employers and business contacts.

A part of the image of successful professionals nowadays is a good personal website. so choose a reliable web host like

Choosing a web host based on price?

Choosing a web host based on price? Don't!
Why price should not dictate the web host you choose?

Here are some reasons to look beyond price when choosing your web host.

Usability. Confession time: I chose my first website host based on price. The control panel was not easy to use, and I often found myself traveling in circles trying to enter it. I switched to my second web host based not just on price, but on usability, and I instantly became a pro. Well, not quite. But I was able to manage my email accounts and learn about CGI, and check my traffic stats and edit my html files right on the server. Not bad for a newbie who couldn't even find his files on his previous host's server.

Service. I thought my second host had great service. They even answered my emails. Until the dreaded day that some guy with a chip on his shoulder filed a phony spam complaint. I was out in the cold. In fact, they would not answer my emails or even speak to me at all. Meanwhile, my ISP responded to the same phony complaint immediately, sharing with me a copy and giving me a chance to deal with it. That ISP is now my third web host. I pay a little more, but the personal service is worth it. I have no hesitation recommending Phastnet business web hosting to anybody who wants the assurance that they won't be hung out to dry at the first whiff of somebody in a bad mood.
Reliability and uptime are more valuable than price in web hosting.

Overselling in the web hosting industry

When a web host sells more space, bandwidth or CPU cycles than they have at their disposal.
Overselling is a term used in the web hosting industry. Overselling basically means to sell beyond the means of delivery. It keeps hosting prices at low rates. And it is also widely abused as many companies go too far with it to keep prices lower than the competition.

An example: the $45.95 Reseller Plan 1 comes with 10,000 MB of space and a whopping 150 Gig of bandwidth. As a 123 reseller you are now able to create domain hosting accounts with very high or even UNLIMITED space and bandwidth allocations — e.g., you could create 100 hosting plans with 500 MB space and 10 GB bandwidth each. Experience shows that 95% of customers do not even use 25 MB, yet many customers want a lot of space and bandwidth. Just look at your own existing plans. Therefore, rather than filling up only 10% of the space and bandwidth you bought you will now be able to utilize your account to maybe 90% and make a much larger profit. Even if you don't resell hosting accounts, you still have the advantage of being able to set all your domain accounts to "unlimited" and thus do not need to worry about joggling around with the allocated space/bandwidth

Why do hosts oversell?

I think for making a lot of money and meeting the needs of their users."
Overselling keeps prices at low rates.
There are people (even in the web hosting business) who see overselling as bad as "unlimited bandwidth" or even worse. These are often the ones that do not oversell at all and they feel very strongly that they're right about this matter. Unfortunately, they forget that they are overselling too

What is an advantage of overselling?

The advantage of overselling for the host is that they make more money off each server than they otherwise normally would be able to. The advantage for the client is that this extra revenue is usually transferred on (at least in theory) by cheaper hosting packages with more features.

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