Thursday, May 10, 2018

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (PPPPP)

Anyone who has been in business for any time knows the meaning of PPPPP. It is the mantra that a person should learn early in their lives to be successful.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (PPPPP) is a simple yet elegant reminder that one must invest time to plan projects. The more time spent planning, the more successful the results.

Building a website is a perfect example where the 5P concept works very well.

If the keywords for the topic of your website use are very popular and it will be very difficult for you to get listed on a search engine results page higher than number three, you are dead from the start.
To properly plan, you need a keyword research tool that helps you evaluate the various keywords of interest so you can isolate a niche where the competition is not too fierce. This will allow you to carve out your area of expertise and succeed.

The best web host will supply this keyword research tool to you as part of the web hosting fee. Do not settle for less.

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